Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands

This lady has some style, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands! Look at that blue eyeshadow, LOVE IT.

If Charley had been a girl his name would have been Beatrice after my great aunt, but maybe Beatrix is a bit edgier.


Watch it, Queen Beatrix has a killer cape and a revolver.



The below 2 photos are by photographer Anton Corbijn. They caught some flack for being too cold, but I think they are beautiful.

Source: via lizzie on Pinterest


Biking in Amsterdam

It’s no secret that biking is big in Amsterdam. I haven’t been on a bike in… oh about 2 years. I’m slightly terrified to ride a bike in Boston. Our new apartment is on the Minuteman bike path in Somerville, so maybe I’ll do some riding there. I’m so amazed at how many people can fit on one bike and no one wears helmets!


Spring Colors in the Spirit of Holland

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fabric via Jane Churchill
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