Running With Eat Pray Run DC

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Eat Pray Run DC | Blog | Jhill Design Although spring is approaching, running through the elements is a much-needed skill year round. JHill chatted with Eat Pray Run DC‘s Courtney Dredden Carter, to get her tips and tricks for running through some of Mother Nature’s harshest conditions.

What are you best tips for staying motivated to run through over a foot of snow?
“Friends and fun. Those snowy runs are by default easy runs (although snow running is not easy!) and so it’s just a fun adventure where we try and capture the beauty and zaniness of it all through picture and have a good time. Definitely way more fun out there with friends!”

Eat Pray Run DC | Blog | Jhill Design

How does running through the elements, like snow, differ from running on a temperate day?
“Snow adds a whole different layer. It’s so much harder to even stay upright that you are really engaging your core in a way you might not on a regular run. It’s also really important to monitor your form – running in snow can throw your gait off and too much of that can lead to injury, so I try and be very careful about that!”

Are there any tips or tricks you can share for running through all the fun obstacles winter throws at runners?
Just keeping trying! If you commit to running regularly then you start to adapt (some) to the weather. Of course, you have to always be safe, but with the right gear, you can run in most “bad” weather. I have yet to miss a run due to weather – not because I’m super tough but because I plan ahead and purchase the right gear. It’s makes all the difference!

Eat Pray Run DC | Blog | Jhill Design

What’s your winter running uniform? Any specific pieces or accessories you can’t run without in the winter?
On very cold days, I wear this awesome baclava that keeps my ears and most of my face covered. Gloves, of course. And fleece lined tights are a MUST in the winter! I’m also obsessed with the New Gilman vest from Oiselle. I wear it on almost every single run!

Where are your favorite places to run in DC?
I love running along the Anacostia River Trail and the Capital Crescent Trail. The Mall is also nice if you get out there early to avoid the crowds!

Eat Pray Run DC | Blog | Jhill Design

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Bad Bitches Only: International Women’s Day Edition

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For this year’s International Women’s Day we’re highlighting some of the many achievements of some of our favorite bad bitches. From icons to up-and-comers, these women inspire us to no end. How will you be celebrating International Women’s Day? Tweet us and let us know!

Frida Kahlo
One of our studio’s favorite artists, Kahlo epitomizes perseverance, bravery and sensitivity. She overcame so much and made no apologies for her self. Her art inspires JHills work daily, as does her tenacity.

Ayana Pressly

(Photo by Yoon S. Byun/Globe Staff )

Ayanna Pressley
Boston City Councilor and creator / Chair of the Committee on Healthy Women, Families & Communities. 2015 Gabrielle Giffords Rising Star Award winner, and all around champion of women and families. After being sworn in on January 4, 2010 she became the first woman of color to serve in the 100-year history of the Boston City Council. She is one to watch.

joan didion is my spirit animal
Joan Didion
This isn’t the first time we’ve professed our love for Ms. Didion, and it certainly won’t be the last. Author, style-icon and champion of lonely lady-hearts everywhere. How many times can I re-read The White Album? Not enough.

JHill Design | Blog | BeyonceBeyonce
Buying fantastic seats to Beyonce’s On the Run Tour was one of the smartest decisions on my life. She’s a studio guiding light.

isabella stewart gardner
Isabella Stewart Gardner
The ultimate patron of the arts. This infamous Bostonian caused a scene wherever she went, and improved the city with her incredible eye for art and ear for music. Plus, how badass is it to leave your house a museum and be like… “don’t touch anything.

Stevie Nicks
Head witch in charge. Sister of the moon. Musical fairy godmother to all – need we say more? Seeing Stevie Nicks sing Dreams and Silver Springs live was one of the greatest moments of my life. She OWNED that stage and all the emotion in the room. (above, my favorite Stevie video)

joanne chang
Joanne Chang-Myers
Boston’s own contemporary Julia Child. Everywhere I look there always seems to be a new Flour Bakery. From her infamous sticky-buns to Mama Chang’s dim sum brunch, she inspires us and keeps us full.

Rose-Marie Swift’s namesake brand is one of our green-beauty favorites. Swift’s own personal health-scare catapulted her into advocacy for change in the beauty industry. We love a lady that keeps us safe and beautiful.


Travel Tips: Rug Buying in Morocco

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JHill Design | How to buy a rug in Morocco* The start to a new blog series, “How to Buy What Where”, tips on how to bring home non-traditional souvenirs from your travels. I brought some treasured rugs home from Morocco on Maryam’s advice years ago. Let us know what you think! ~ JHill 

is a multifaceted hospitality + design brand, operating out of Morocco‘s Red City. The boutique hotel (Peacock Pavilions) mixes modern style with vintage-inspired decor, with obvious Moroccan influence. Full of clean lines, interesting patterns and neutrals palettes – founder Maryam Montague has a sharp eye for style. (You may know Montague from her blog, her photography is intoxicating.)

Peacock Pavilions | Moroccan Riad | Marrakech

Inside Peacock Pavilions. Those patterns… photo by Natalie Opocensky

Peacock Pavilions | Moroccan Riad | Marrakech

Moroccan rugs by the pool at Peacock Pavillions. photo by Natalie Opocensky

Maryam Montague, Marrakech Morocco

Maryam Montague, photo by Vik M photography


I spent my honeymoon at this hotel-oasis in 2009, and was struck by her attention to detail, THIS black and gold wall and of course her amazing taste in textiles. (Staying at Peacock Pavilions still influences the way I decorate our modern Victorian in Boston). We asked Montague for her three best tips and tricks for buying Moroccan rugs….

1)”I love vintage rugs and accept the wear that comes with them.  But check the back of a carpet to see if there has been any repairs.  Just because there has been a repair, is not a reason not to buy necessarily, but examine the front where the repair has been made and see if you are comfortable with what you see.”

2) “Wool rugs hold up better than cotton and are more valuable.  Check to see what the warp, weft and pile are made of. The warp is the backbone of a rug. Warp threads are strung from one end of the loom to the other and run the length of the rug. When the warp is cut, it forms the fringe on the ends of the rug. The Weft runs the width of the rug, or perpendicular to the warp. The pile is comprised of the thousands of knots wrapped around warp and weft strings and then cut.”

3) “Kilims are very hardwearing and are perfect for kitchens, hallways, kids rooms and media rooms that get a lot of foot traffic or spills. Save more expensive pile rugs for living-rooms and bedrooms.”

lo-IMG_4705 where to stay in Morocco

Check out more advice from the expert herself here. Can’t wait for your Moroccan voyage for a rug? The JHill crew will receive 10% off all carpets in the M. Montague shop with the code JHILLDESIGN (valid until March 15!).

The Souk by Maryam Montague a - carpet 2876 (4) The Souk by Maryam Montague a - carpet 2922 (2) The Souk by Maryam Montague | Moroccan Rugs
The Souk by Maryam Montague | Moroccan Rugs The Souk by Maryam Montague a - carpet 2884 (2)

How to buy a Moroccan Rug


How to Pack a Plane Picnic

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snacks for a plane ride
My sister-in-law is an amazing cook and food writer, but to me, her real talent is her ability to pack an AMAZING plane picnic. Before her plane picnics came into my life, I would often buy some sad, over priced snacks from Hudson News – but no more! Jessica has inspired me to change my ways. Here are my favorite plane snacks, which I always combine with as many club soda’s I can get from the flight crew.

  • Something Sweet: For me, it’s either M&Ms or chocolate covered raisins
  • Something Healthy: Fruit and nuts are an easy choice. I’m always proud of myself when I snack on cashews or almonds, (as opposed to what I usually want… Cape Cod potato chips), and fruit-wise grapes are the least messy.
  • Something Cheesy: Babybel cheeses never fail, or if you want to get fancy chose a cheese-end from your favorite cheese shop, but stay away from the stinky stuff. That is essentially the bougie-equivalent of bringing a big mac on a plane. Think of your seat mates!
  • A small sandwich: in our house it is either PB + J, or Salami and cheese.

Here are some additional tips from Jessica, who flies out of SFO:

  • “I usually pack hummus and cut up carrots, celery, cauliflower. I find that I like to snack oh, the entire flight, so it’s nice to have something crunchy and sort of refreshing, and those veggies are sturdy enough that they won’t get gross on the flight (and can be prepped the night before)”.
  • “I always bring some sweet treats–trail mix is good, but I also love those Ocho candy bars, which are not too big and crazy delicious. Lollipops if the kids are flying with me. Or gummy candy, which is a fun novelty for them”.
  • “I bring an empty water bottle to the airport–Terminal 2 in SFO has a fill station, so I stop there before I board and fill my own bottle”.
  • “In a pinch, Virgin America has a half peanut butter-and-jelly sandwich on its menu. It’s intended for kids and comes with a pack of fruit snacks alongside, but it’s a good option if you want to avoid sketchy meat and is a pretty good straight-ahead PB&J. Also, only $4!”

Thanks, Jessica!


Follow / Read / Listen / Watch : February

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JHill Design | Blog | follow read listen watchFollow: Subway Book Review
This year I decided that I was going to set the Kindle aside and read at least one physical book a month. My 5 year old see’s me looking at a lot of screens. My parents always were reading books, and I hope if he sees me reading physical books, he will be inspired too. I love seeing real people and what they are reading on this Instagram account. Reading their synopsis and thoughts. I’ve gotten some great recommendations for myself from Subway Book Review.

JHill Design | Blog | follow read listen watchListen: Vinyl Me, Please
For Christmas my husband gave me a membership to Vinyl Me, Please. Each month I get on record, exclusively pressed on colored vinyl for Vinyl Me, Please, an art print and a custom cocktail recipe. It’s been SO fun. We’ve gotten Super Ape (which I’m obsessed with), Hot Chip, and Nada Surf. It’s been a great way to add surprises to our record collection

JHill Design | Blog | follow read listen watchRead: Joan Didion Vanity Fair Article
Our entire studio is thoroughly obsessed with Joan Didion’s words, as well as the author herself. Vanity Fair’s latest article on the icon dives into her personal life, her time in and influence on L.A. and much, much more. For those of you disappointed by Daugherty’s biography on the literary femme fatale, this article is a great supplement.

JHill Design | Blog | follow read listen watchWatch: Chelsea Does
This month I got a light case of the flu, which meant that I felt pretty terrible, but didn’t necessarily want to die and could still watch plenty of Netflix. My fav was Chelsea Does where Chelsea Handler covers topics like drugs, marriage and racism. I wasn’t the biggest fan of hers, but after I watched how she related to people here – I changed my mind. Especially the drugs episode where she does ambien, adderall and some psychotropic Peruvian drug.