Travel Cocktail: Singapore Sling

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Last month of Singapore in our 2016 calendar. The pattern was inspired by architectural lines and purple lights. If I was vacationing in the Lion City, I would definitely need a few Singapore Slings just to get through the humidity. But till I’m Singapore-bound, I will make the classic cocktail in my Boston kitchen.

The Singapore Sling was created by a Hainanese bartender in the early 1900’s at the Raffles Hotel in Singapore. It has since gone through many variations, but at it’s heart it is Gin + Pineapple + Cherry Brandy.




Travel Tips: Surviving Long-Haul Flights

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how to survive a long flight

Obviously we’re big fans of far away places and all their delights. That said, getting to said places can be really hard on our bodies. Check out our tips for surviving, and dare we say enjoying, long-haul flights…

R U NOT ENTERTAINED?! In-flight entertainment in 2016 is pretty wonderful, but don’t rely on it to keep you occupied for over ten hours. Come prepared: download any movies, books, games, etc. the night before and charge all your devices. You may even want to bring battery backup.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Staying hydrated on any flight is vital, but especially for those over six hours. Fill an insulated bottle after security, and then don’t be afraid to ask (and ask, and ask) for more from the stewardesses. Don’t forget about your skin either! We love this hydration spray from Aesop, or the Jasmine Garden by May Lindstrom.

Stagger your booze + avoid salty foods. If you’re going to drink on a plane, try and wait until you’ve been aboard and hydrating for a couple of hours, or about to go sleep. Alcohol is a diuretic and will make your skin feel very tight, among other side effects. As great as comfort food is on a plane, all that salt will undo your hydrating.

Breathe, stretch, shake, let it go. A no brainer. To avoid aches and pains once you land, make sure to walk around every couple of hours and stretch in your seat.

Traveling internationally? Fill out customs forms first thing. Don’t be that guy filling out forms in line, slowing everyone else down. Take 5 minutes once the seat belt sign is off and collect all the customs forms you’ll need for your arrival, and spare yourself the stress and drama. And bring your own pencil.

Minimize your carry-ons. The more carry-ons you have, the less space you’ll have to stretch.

Ambien is your friend. If you don’t sleep easily on planes, procure a sleep aid before your trip – but do make sure to try it out at home first. Mood-altering medication, like most sleep aids, work differently in different altitudes so at least make sure the medicine you bring won’t upset you on the ground.

Isolation for the introvert. When I fly I like to have an eye mask, ear plugs AND noise canceling headphones. It’s my own way of creating the private space that has been sucked away from me.

What’re we missing? Tweet and tell us your best tricks for surviving long-haul flights!


How to Pack a Plane Picnic

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snacks for a plane ride
My sister-in-law is an amazing cook and food writer, but to me, her real talent is her ability to pack an AMAZING plane picnic. Before her plane picnics came into my life, I would often buy some sad, over priced snacks from Hudson News – but no more! Jessica has inspired me to change my ways. Here are my favorite plane snacks, which I always combine with as many club soda’s I can get from the flight crew.

  • Something Sweet: For me, it’s either M&Ms or chocolate covered raisins
  • Something Healthy: Fruit and nuts are an easy choice. I’m always proud of myself when I snack on cashews or almonds, (as opposed to what I usually want… Cape Cod potato chips), and fruit-wise grapes are the least messy.
  • Something Cheesy: Babybel cheeses never fail, or if you want to get fancy chose a cheese-end from your favorite cheese shop, but stay away from the stinky stuff. That is essentially the bougie-equivalent of bringing a big mac on a plane. Think of your seat mates!
  • A small sandwich: in our house it is either PB + J, or Salami and cheese.

Here are some additional tips from Jessica, who flies out of SFO:

  • “I usually pack hummus and cut up carrots, celery, cauliflower. I find that I like to snack oh, the entire flight, so it’s nice to have something crunchy and sort of refreshing, and those veggies are sturdy enough that they won’t get gross on the flight (and can be prepped the night before)”.
  • “I always bring some sweet treats–trail mix is good, but I also love those Ocho candy bars, which are not too big and crazy delicious. Lollipops if the kids are flying with me. Or gummy candy, which is a fun novelty for them”.
  • “I bring an empty water bottle to the airport–Terminal 2 in SFO has a fill station, so I stop there before I board and fill my own bottle”.
  • “In a pinch, Virgin America has a half peanut butter-and-jelly sandwich on its menu. It’s intended for kids and comes with a pack of fruit snacks alongside, but it’s a good option if you want to avoid sketchy meat and is a pretty good straight-ahead PB&J. Also, only $4!”

Thanks, Jessica!


February Cheap Flights

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cheap flight deals from boston and new york
I’m obsessed with Google flights. It’s embarrassing how many hours “someone” can spend looking for affordable flights to warm destinations far, far away from Boston.

Here are my favorite fares for a 4-day, Friday through Monday, stay in February under $300 (round trip!).

From Boston somewhere sunny… LA ($264), Nashville ($189), Martinique ($295)

From New York City to a snowless city… Houston ($237), Los Angeles ($237),

From Los Angeles to Central America… San Salvador ($283), Panama ($218), Guadalajara ($257)

From Houston to Mexico… Cancun ($274), Monterary ($276), Mexico City ($224)

From Chicago to somewhere warmer like… Washington DC ($71), Atlanta ($107), San Diego ($237)


Cambridge Restaurants | Alden & Harlow

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alden and harlow review