How to Pack a Plane Picnic

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My sister-in-law is an amazing cook and food writer, but to me, her real talent is that she packs an AMAZING plane picnic. Before her plane picnics came into my life, I would often buy some sad, over priced snacks from Hudson News – but no more! Jessica has inspired me to change my ways. Here are my favorite plane snacks, which I always combine with as many club soda’s I can get from the flight crew.

Something Sweet: For me, it’s either M&Ms or chocolate covered raisins
(image to use https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M%26M%27s#/media/File:M%26Ms-Wrapper-Small.jpg)

Something Healthy: Fruit and nuts are an easy choice. I always feel healthy and smug when eating cashews or almonds as a snack, and fruitwise grapes are the least messy.
(image http://www.sowfreshorganics.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/dreamstimelarge_red-grapes.jpg and http://www.albanesecandy.com/candy-store/images/products/fancy-almonds-raw_3.jpg?v=1430422248)

Something Cheesy: Babybel cheeses never fail, or if you want to get fancy chose a cheese-end from your favorite cheese shop, but stay away from the stinky stuff. That is essentially the bougie-equivalent of bringing a big mac on a plane. Think of your seat mates!
(image http://hunt4freebies.com/coupons/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/Mini-Baby-Bell-Cheese.png)

A small sandwich: in our house it is either PB + J, or Salami and cheese.
(image http://cdn.recipes100.com/v/681cd134b0c916f8b6fe5403324248ca.jpg)

Here are some additional tips from Jessica, who flys out of SFO:

  • I usually pack hummus and cut up carrots, celery, cauliflower. I find that I like to snack oh, the entire flight, so it’s nice to have something crunchy and sort of refreshing, and those veggies are sturdy enough that they won’t get gross on the flight (and can be prepped the night before).
  • I always bring some sweet treats–trail mix is good, but I also love those Ocho candy bars, which are not too big and crazy delicious. Lollipops if the kids are flying with me. Or gummy candy, which is a fun novelty for them.
  • I bring an empty water bottle to the airport–Terminal 2 in SFO has a fill station, so I stop there before I board and fill my own bottle.
  • In a pinch, Virgin America has a half peanut butter-and-jelly sandwich on its menu. It’s intended for kids and comes with a pack of fruit snacks alongside, but it’s a good option if you want to avoid sketchy meat and is a pretty good straight-ahead PB&J. Also, only $4!


Free Valentine Cards for Runners + Travellers!

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Have you bought your loved ones anything for Valentine’s yet? Me either… Join our email list and get free PDF downloads of our Valentine cards for runners and frequent flyers. The Valentines are a little bigger than 4″ x 6″ and you can download and print them for yourself. (Just for personal use though!)

i love you more than carbs valentine card
I Love You More Than Carbs valentine PDF download.
There aren’t more people that I love more than this list. See the back below.

i love you more than carbs valentine card
your pace or mind valentine card

Your Pace of Mine valentine PDF download.
The runner valentine

i love you more than a free upgrade valentine

I Love You More Than a Free Upgrade valentine PDF download.
The frequent flyer valentine


Winter Running Gear

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When I’m out there running in full-on winter gear, my respect really grows for all those year-long runners. Especially since my running has turned into more of a fast-walk this winter. Check out some of our favorite winter running gear we’ve been sporting.
Winter Running Gear | Blog | JHill Design

Gotta have that base. The Dynamix Sports Bra from North Face keeps your temperature regulated, as your core heats up. These socks from SmartWool are a godsend. Never itches, never falls to your ankles and always keeps your calves warm. I have so many pairs – I wish they had a sock of the month club.

Winter Running Gear | Blog | JHill Design

Oiselle has SO many options in their Wicked Winter collection. I’m planning on trying their new “kitten soft brushed fleece” lined Moto Lesley Tights. I’m a big fan of their Wazzie Wool base layer. This might be a design-lover detail, but I like that (besides being warm and temperature-regulating) the thumbholes are round – not just slits in the cuff. It’s all about the details.

Winter Running Gear | Blog | JHill Design

In light of Boston’s myriad of weather last year, I now really appreciate a good wind-proof fabric. I love this Northface Apex Bionic Jacket, not just for exercising in the cold, but for wearing in the windy fall and spring here in Boston. You want to wear lots of layers to keep warm, but not so many that you’re a sweltering, sweaty mess. A vest is a great way to double up the warmth on your core, but leave your arms free. Best of both worlds!Winter Running Gear | Blog | JHill Design

Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. Wearing a headband while you run has the added benefit of securing your headphones, as well as keeping your head and ears warm. Since I was diagnosed with cold urticaria, I’ve been thinking of getting a face mask – like a non-bank robbing one. Do those exist? I need suggestions! Last but not least, I always need a par of Etip Gloves, so I can stay warm AND stream Rihanna’s Anti.

Hope this gives you ideas on what to wear when running in the winter. Am I missing any must-haves? Let me know on twitter!


where to buy affordable frames

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As you can imagine, we get asked about frames a lot. We work with a great custom-framer to frame the pieces sold on our website, but custom framing, while always beautiful, isn’t always economical. Check out our favorite pre-made frames for a tight budget.AFFORDABLEFRAMES-BLOG-1

  1. Ikea: Have a european print size? You can bet Ikea will have a frame to fit. They also carry 5×7, 8×10 and other standard US frame sizes. Our favorites are the Ribba frames, which start at just $2. However, you need to inspect the corners of each Ribba frame, make sure that the corners are seamed correctly and that there aren’t any chips. Another steal is the Stomby frame at $17.99 for a 24″ x 35 3/4″. The aluminum frame and glass panel keeps this large frame from warping as opposed to other large ikea frames.AFFORDABLEFRAMES-BLOG-2
  2. Michael’s: This store both gives me a panic attack AND makes me excited to make things. They have a great framing section, and also offer custom framing and matting. Unsure of what to do? Bring your piece in with you and talk to the framer. They can guide you through the options.AFFORDABLEFRAMES-BLOG-3
  3. Blick: When I need to order frames for a show I always order the Blick Metal Gallery Frames. They also sell the high-quality Nielsen Bainbridge frames, which are the same framing components our custom framer uses.

Want more insider tips? Or maybe you’re still totally lost? Any questions don’t hesitate to ask us over on twitter via @jennifer_hill.


A Guide to Havana, Cuba through the Senses

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Cuba Libre (rum and Mexican Coca-Cola with lime)
Mojito (rum + spearmint + lime)
Havana Club Rum on the Rocks

The Cuban Sandwich: Roast pork, ham, Swiss cheese, pickles and yellow mustard on Cuban bread.
Moros y Cristianos: Black beans cooked with onions, paprika, cumin, bay leaves, chili powder, garlic and vinegar all mixed with rice.
Crème Caramel Custard Flan
Try some cooking at home with My Big Fat Cuban Family.

The rich aroma of tobacco leaves drying. Castro preferred Cohiba Esplendido, but if you want to know what Cuban cigar brands have a serious cult following visit this blog post.

Crystal blue water, white sand, soothing waves…
VaraderoPlaya Paraíso (“Paradise Beach”), Playa SirenaPlaya AncónPlayas del Este

Ibrahim FerrerCelia CruzCompay Segundo, (and one of my all time favorites) Bueno Vista Social Club. Party all night on The Malecón (Havana’s mini Vegas strip) – dance to sounds of local musicians with the Caribbean Sea as your backdrop.

Pico Turquino, Havana’s highest point. The route sits in the heart of the Gran Parque Nacional Sierra Maestra. If you make it to the top, you’ll see one-of-a-kind views and an enormous bust of local-hero José Marti.

The home team play at Havana’s baseball stadium, Estadio Latinoamericano.

Finca Vigía: Ernest Hemingway’s home whilst he wrote For Whom the Bell Tolls,  The Old Man and the Sea and A Movable Feast. Now a museum dedicated to all things Hemingway.

Museo de Revolucion: The former presidential palace, this incredible estate’s interiors were designed by Tiffany’s. The exhibits cover Cuba’s pre-Columbian culture all the way to  the present-day socialist regime.

El Morro: The 16th century fortress is worth visiting just for the history alone, but especially for the view at sunset.

Cuba Map Print and Havana Print available now.


February Cheap Flights

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cheap flight deals from boston and new york
I’m obsessed with Google flights. It’s embarrassing how many hours “someone” can spend looking for affordable flights to warm destinations far, far away from Boston.

Here are my favorite fares for a 4-day, Friday through Monday, stay in February under $300 (round trip!).

From Boston somewhere sunny… LA ($264), Nashville ($189), Martinique ($295)

From New York City to a snowless city… Houston ($237), Los Angeles ($237),

From Los Angeles to Central America… San Salvador ($283), Panama ($218), Guadalajara ($257)

From Houston to Mexico… Cancun ($274), Monterary ($276), Mexico City ($224)

From Chicago to somewhere warmer like… Washington DC ($71), Atlanta ($107), San Diego ($237)


Read, Watch, Listen, Follow : January

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d9eb5b60-6a01-0133-eccb-0aa00699013dREAD Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes
The power house behind Shondaland spoke at the Massachusetts Conference for Women about fear, her role in the television industry, parenting and so much more. I immediately bought her book after her inspiring talk; surprisingly, Shonda is an introvert which I really relate to. Her observations and anecdotes had me cheering “I KNOW!” after each page.

LISTEN Psychic Teachers Podcast
Even if you don’t believe in predicting the future, crystals, chakras etc., (though, isn’t it all a little more fun if you do?) – the soft, smooth voices of these two women will lull you into a calm state only replicated by 30 minutes with Bob Ross.

WATCH Making a Murderer
Just me and everyone else with a Netflix subscription watching this one. I’ll be honest, I could only watch half the episodes before I had to google the case and find out everything else because I’m impatient. Is Steven Avery guilty? I don’t know, but this show really depressed me about the state of our legal system.

FOLLOW boho.berry
I love the idea of being super organized and keeping a beautiful bullet-journal, and growing a library of said insightful, lovely journals. The reality is I usually buy a Moleskin, fill it a 1/3 of the way, loose it and then buy another one. Repeat. Kara’s Instagram feed (and site) is full of bujo inspiration. I hope a publisher recognizes how awesome Kara is and gets this girl a book deal.


My Boston Winter Uniform

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Boston Winter Uniform | Blog | JHill Design
Last month I was diagnosed with cold urticaria, or being allergic to the cold (I couldn’t even make this up). Among a myriad of other symptoms, when I get a chill I break out in hives – it’s all very sexy.
The main way to fight cold urticaria is to stay warm 24/7, and as we’re getting into 20 degree days in Boston, I know I’m not the only one looking for a winter uniform.

Check out my cold-weather-combat list below. Too many layers can make one look like they live on the subway, but I like to think of the following as “sledding chic”. 

Boston Winter Uniform | Blog | JHill Design
Full Force Tank: You need that base layer!
Women’s PhD® Ski Medium Pattern Socks by Smartwool: I’ve tried other merino wool socks and these are the best I’ve worn. They are itch-free, very soft, and have extra padding in the foot. They come up over your calf and sit right below your knee. 

Boston Winter Uniform | Blog | JHill Design
Athleta Polartec® Power Stretch® 2 Tight: I tried a zillion “winter leggings”. In the end I bought 4 pairs of these. They are so comfortable, warm, and my skin never feels suffocated. At 5’ 9” the tall size works well for me. My only caveat is I wish the back waistband pocket was large enough to fit my iPhone plus. Then I could put it in there while running. 
Burton Mid-Weight Turtleneck: Thumbholes stretch the arms to keep the top of your hands warm, the fabric wicks away moisture and the collar converts into a neck warmer (that can be pulled up over your mouth and easily breathed through).
(Also love this shirt)

Boston Winter Uniform | Blog | JHill Design
Vince Camuto Leggings: These loose leggings have been perfect for layering over my Athletas. They run large and can get loose fast, so order down.
Zella ‘Cirrus’ Sport Cardigan: I’ve become a big fan of Nordstrom’s Zella athleisure line;  comfortable and very high quality. I even think their leggings are better than LuLus.

Boston Winter Uniform | Blog | JHill Design
Patagonia Tres 3-in-1 parka: After 35 years living in New England I finally invested big money in a winter jacket and it was worth every penny. I wear the down-liner in the fall, the waterproof outer-jacket in the rainy spring and the whole she-bang Nov – March. My core hasn’t been cold since. If I was Oprah I’d give everyone this jacket.
Pajar Aventure boots: Our marketing/design client, Simons Shoes, sells this brand and suggested them to me. They are softly lined, warm, waterproof, comfortable enough to walk in all-day, and made by people who know cold… the Canadians. The Pajars replaced my old Sorel Joan of Arctic which were always giving me blisters, not warm and very heavy.

Boston Winter Uniform | Blog | JHill Design
Burton Gore-Tex Mittens: My husband is from Vermont, the home base of Burton Snowboards, and has always sworn by their mittens. They come with a lightweight inner-glove that can be worn early winter, but the outer mittens are so warm I have never had to combine the two. The lining of the outer mittens is so soft.
The Kendall Hat by The Third Piece. This hat is made by our studio mates out of chunky yarn by local knitters. Like everything else… so warm.

How do you stay warm? Any great pieces I’m missing? Any and all recommendations, particularly for the ultimate scarf, are welcome!

See Our Prints - Boston


Running with ‘A Running Chick’ Theresa Kavouras

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Running with Linzie ‘Sharp’ Starr

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Cambridge Restaurants | Alden & Harlow

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alden and harlow review




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jill rosenwald ny now
jill rosenwald ny now



jen’s running diary part deux

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In the last two months I’ve done/learned a few things about running.



SKETCHY PHOTOS: new instagram posts

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SKETCH-PHOTOS-HEADERFor a while I’ve been at a loss as to what to post on our Instagram account. The pressure to randomly find a beautiful image during your busy day… or the interruption of an awesome experience by the thought “I should be Instagraming this!”.  Exhausting. After listening to Ashley McKinney and Courtney Perkins talk about how they use Instagram for their photography, I did some brainstorming and decided to start using it as a “mini imaginary vacation porthole”. Imaginary vacations are the basis for my entire business after all.




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