Running with Lucie Wicker

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on-the-run-lucie-wickerlucie wicker photography
Boston-based fitness lifestyle and activewear photographer, Lucie Wicker, talks to us about running and what she’s working on this summer. Below are photos from her “Why I Run” photo series, portraits of people who ran the 2014 Boston Marathon.

lucie wicker photography

Tell us a about yourself and how you started running.

“I started running in high school when I joined the track team in ninth grade. I started as a sprinter and wound up in middle distance. I ran off and on in the years following high school before starting up again more seriously in my late twenties. I started with the occasional 5k and then moved up to 10ks. This year I’m doing my first triathlon and the Falmouth Road Race which is a 7 miler.”

lucie wicker photography

What tips you have for a new runner?
It’s helpful to have a goal – a mile, 5k, 10k, half marathon, etc – and a plan. It’s easy to get discouraged or bored with running if you don’t have something you’re working towards. There are a lot of plans you can find online for free or ones you can pay for and they will give you different running workouts throughout the weeks leading up to your event.

lucie wicker photography
What do you do for exercise in the humid New England summer? How about the 8ft of snow last winter?
I’m not a very intrepid winter runner although I’ll go out if it’s safe and the sidewalks are shoveled. The hardcore runners I know have had to learn to love treadmills. As for the summer, if you can run in the pre-dawn hours or in the late evening, it’s not so bad temperature-wise . If that’s not an option, I’d suggest biking and of course swimming! When I was training for my tri, I rediscovered these forms of exercise I hadn’t done regularly since I was a kid and I now I love them! Remember, new runners – cross training is important (crucial!) to build strength and avoid injury. And don’t forget yoga – deep stretching and strength building goes hand-in-hand with running.

What’s new with your photography?
I’m looking forward to some test shoots planned for this summer, getting outside and creating new work for my portfolio and prospective clients. I also have an event at the end of July we’re calling a summer pop-up photo shoot at the Arnold Arboretum where people sign up for mini photo sessions in a gorgeous setting (details on our website!). Runners welcome :)

luciewicker.com / twitter @lucie_photo / instagram luciephoto / facebook
*Want to be featured in our “On the Run” series? Just leave a comment below and we will be in touch!



JHill plus Every Mother Counts

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Every Mother Counts jhill design plus EMCI’m thrilled to announce our first collection of Marathon Maps for a charity team!
We’ve created a collection of Marathon Maps for runners who race in support of the charity Every Mother Counts (EMC). Each map includes the EMC logo and 5% from the sales of the collection will be donated to Every Mother Counts to fund their grants portfolio which brings essential maternal healthcare to mothers-in-need. 
JHill Design Marathon Maps for Every Mother Counts
I first discovered EMC through Christine Lemieux’s, (Dwell Studio and Wayfair), Instagram account. I was absorbed in her documentation of a trip to Haiti. I worked in Haiti for Aid to Artisians shortly before the earthquake and Christine went to many of the places I did. She also wrote about the charity Every Mother Counts in her posts. I clicked over and saw that it was founded by model and four time marathoner Christy Turlington Burns. I’ve always admired Christy, from the George Michaels’ Freedom! video to her yoga book to her charity work. I was really interested in seeing what her charity was about.

EMC and their board member’s documentation of their work to support maternal health in other countries is beyond inspiring. Every Mother Counts is dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother. They support programs in Haiti, Uganda, Malawi, India, Tanzania and the United States that address three critical barriers to maternal health care: lack of education, transportation and supplies. To learn more about Every Mother Counts work, visit www.everymothercounts.org.


Every Mother Counts
I have first hand experience in knowing how crazy and scary being pregnant and giving birth is. I had a very rough pregnancy with my (now 4 yr old) son, Charley. I was fortunate to have access to fantastic doctors and amazing health insurance. Charley was born underweight at just 5 lbs, but thrived through the help of all our practitioners. 
Chicago Marathon Poster for Every Mother Counts
Every mother (and child) deserves the same support and care that I had during my pregnancy and delivery. I’m thrilled to be supporting Every Mother Counts. 5% of all sales from JHill’s EMC Marathon Map collection will be donated back to EMC. 100% of the proceeds received from any products sold benefiting Every Mother Counts will help fund programs that improve access to critical maternal health care. Make Every Purchase Count. Follow EMC’s Instagram account, watch their mission here, shop our EMC Marathon Maps here and shop other brands that support EMC.


Bleeding Colors

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bleeding watercolors
Beautiful bleeding color always seems simple. My own watercolor trials have proven it the opposite. You need to be patient enough to let the medium do it’s own thing, something the graphic designer in me can hardly handle. Each time I paint it is a lesson in releasing control. Here are some beautiful examples that have been sitting in my pinterest inspiration board for too long.

from top right:  tide business card Bland Designs // photographic paintings by Matt Waples // textile design student Rachael Selina // textile designer Ayelet // artist Claire des Jardins // artist Anna Badur


FINE brunching in Brooklyn, New York

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BROOKLYN-BRUNCHBrooklyn curates a beautiful gallery of food, commerce, and community. I can readily appreciate, and find something to admire in the borough unlike the overwhelming visual barrage that is sometimes Manhattan.

Browsing in Williamsburg, I was drawn to the coffee and brunch because of the cold brews, eggs benedict, hash browns, and pancakes. Actually, I find brunch enjoyable because the menu is so simple and basic. The ingredients mostly consists of eggs and fruit. Speaking of which, my good friend Hannah is always pushing me to eat out for brunch. I find myself agreeing with her because, admittedly, brunch is so good.

The view from Hannah’s apartment in Long Island City

Recently, Hannah gave me a tour of some of Long Island City’s and Brooklyn’s finest brunch places. I so dislike tours, but Hannah used to work for the food and beverage section at the Hilton Hotel in New York City. To put it simply, she is always on the prowl for new food places, and she’s fearless when it comes to exploring the city. We started with donuts at Moe’s Dough. The place is your typical donut shop with the exception that the Moe’s Dough is so incredibly fresh and authentic. Their flavors are intense and simple. On similar note, it’s also probably worth mentioning that Dough has some of the finest donuts around.

doughnuts in brooklynDelicious and fresh @MoesDoughs

The real star brunch place is Five Leaves in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Hannah loves the place, and the dishes are both affordable and memorable. They have a small coffee express line at the corner of their restaurant for those who simply want coffee. The lines are long but that’s expected. You’ll also find the crowd is an eclectic group ranging between young and old. Speaking of which, I find most tables filled with local attendees and out-of-town friends. It makes for a nice atmosphere that buzzes with friends laughing and talking.

brooklyn brunchfrom papermag @fiveleavesNY

brooklyn brunchAvocado toast @fiveleavesNY

brooklyn brunchRicotta pancakes @fiveleavesNY

 Another one of Hannah’s favorite brunch places is actually nearby her apartment in Long Island City. Cafe Henri is famous for their eggs benedict. The hollandaise is spread nicely on top of their eggs, and the yolk flows out quickly to bring the whole meal together. The eggs benedict is most often the centerpiece of the conversation, and everyone somehow manages to fall in love with brunch afterwards. brooklyn brunchEggs Benedict @cafe_henri

Many thanks to the greatest friend and food tour guide, Hannah. You can follow her on Instagram at hannahshin4.



patterned Running leggings vol 1

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patterned running leggings
I have an addiction to patterned running leggings. Send help.

(clockwise from the top left) legging #1 by nike, legging #2, legging #3 by nike, legging #4, legging #5 by nike, legging #6



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I’m all for a great graphic tee, specifically when it is typography heavy. I would rock any of these Women’s World Cup t-shirts for tonights USA v Germany semi-final game.

Wildfang Women's Soccer T-shirtWildfang “The Squad” T-shirt calls out “Hey-Oh & Pinoe & Wambach & The Kid”. Also, kickass models. $48 here.

usa world cup tee shirt

Never anything wrong with a vintage-eque type soccer tee. Via Soccertees.com

good game i hate you tee shirt

I’m sure we can all relate to this sentiment on and off the field. via Thuglifeshirts.com

Didi Women's shirt


Love this typography team tee from Didi, I hope they reprint it.

USA USA USA! (ps. I was disappointed by the lack of well designed women’s soccer posters out there, we’ve got to rectify this.)



Nashville’s coffee shop greatest hits

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Where to get coffee in nashville
My friend Diana manages to achieve a coffee lifestyle some of us might dream about. You can often find her with an open notebook, paper, and a warm cup of coffee somewhere near her teaching job in Nashville, Tennessee. I wrote to Diana asking what were her top coffee shops in Nashville. She wrote, “COFFEE. That is definitely something I’ve learned to appreciate now that I’ve lived in Nashville for awhile.” Following is Diana’s detailed list of great coffee shops in Nashville. A big thanks to her for this!


1. Barista Parlor, Golden Sound — location: The Gulch (wifi, yes). Actually the second Barista Parlor in Nashville, but it has better natural lighting than the original, which in my eyes makes it superior. Barista Parlor is all about atmosphere (see: hipster grunge, but less grunge-tastic in The Gulch location) and true coffee appreciation. The selection of coffee is limited, but every choice is phenomenal. Additionally, Barista Parlor serves fantastic biscuits, homemade pop-tarts, and macarons. Also, the best part about Barista Parlor is that it attracts a lot of creative individuals. There’s a certain je ne sai quois that buzzes in the air. I adore it.


2. CREMA — location: downtown (wifi, yes). CREMA is fantastic, because it roasts its own coffee and feels cozy. I love the location, because it’s not in a specific neighborhood. The clientele is not as hip as Barista Parlor, but it’s a great place to study, read, and grade. CREMA also offers coffee classes. I fully plan on participating in some classes this semester. The food at CREMA is also really tasty. I don’t know how Nashville coffee shops do it, but they manage to make brunch foods okay for the entire day.

3. J&J’s — location: midtown (wifi, yes). J&J’s was my favorite café to study in college. It’s close to Vanderbilt’s campus, so it draws in a lot of college students and intellectual grad students. The interior hosts funky mixed up furniture, exposed brick walls, and an eclectic little grocery store (filled with international snacks). J&J’s is the home of two of my favorite coffee drinks in Nashville: The Keeker’s Koffler (earl grey vanilla latte) and The Rousseau & Bourke (two shots of EARTH SHATTERING espresso and a scoop of ice cream). I go whenever I’m feeling nostalgic. Also, I love going early Saturday or Sunday morning, because there aren’t many people, but the owner is there, so he plays classy classical music tunes. On sunny mornings, the light filters in just so, and it just feels right. Nashville-Coffee-shop-blogs_06

4. Edgehill Cafe — location: Edgehill (wifi, yes). Edgehill Café has great coffee, but the best part about it is probably the food. It’s always fresh and yummy. Nashville tends to serve larger portions, so it’s more food than what a person can generally consume. I like the iced tea that Edgehill serves and it’s a great location, because there are a variety of seating options (stools/window benches, tables, cozy couches). There’s a wall of windows along one side, so again, fantastic lighting. As you can probably tell by now, I’m a fan of well-lit cafés.
@edgehillcafe Nashville-Coffee-shop-blogs_07

5. Frothy Monkey — location: 12 South (wifi, shaky). Frothy Monkey is located in 12 South, which is an already gentrified neighborhood in Nashville. It’s cute and hip, filled with little boutiques like Cadeau, White’s Mercantile, and of course… JENI’S ice cream. Frothy Monkey is a popular cafe, so there are always a lot of people walking in and out. On weekends, it’s filled with hip, young parents and their babies getting together for brunch. On weekdays, it’s filled with college students and creative types. Still kind of hip, but more of a friendly, southern vibe. I really enjoy their vanilla lattes. Something about them feel cozy.

nashville tennesee poster


Running on Chicken Legs

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I’m so happy our Marathon Maps have taken off. I first made the prints when we personalized a series of maps for my friend Holly who has a marathon running sister.

The strange thing is that I am not a runner, I suppose I used to be. In high school I ran cross country, not well… but I ran. I don’t think I was last, but I was only a few steps ahead of it. I’m tall and slow but I still played sports: soccer, basketball, softball, diving… I liked getting out of school early for away games and being with friends. My dad was a very good basketball player at the same high school, so seeing trophies with his name on them in the halls always inspired me.


Softball photo circa 5th or 6th grade. I think the bat is fatter than my legs.

I stopped playing sports spring of senior year and I haven’t run since then. I’ve gone to the gym on and off and I’ve really enjoyed the barre classes I’ve taken in the last year. For a while I’ve been having dreams of running. In them I’m running in Southie next to the water. I’m running pretty fast, breathing in the cool air and I feel FANTASTIC. I feel so light and relived and worry free. When I wake up I always think… can I actually run like that?

The main reason I haven’t run in 18 years is that I’m knock-kneed. When I run my legs kick out at an angle and look weird and I get pains down the sides of them. The fact that I played sports until I was 18 without being brutally bullied is amazing. However there were lots of catcalls of “chicken legs” that still stick with me. It was embarrassing and made me incredibly self-conscious. I’m even self-conscious when I run around the field at Castle Island with my son. I assume everyone is like “look at that weirdness” as my legs flail about.

But alas, after getting to know Boston Marathon bombing survivor Bill White, and how he did the 1 mile walk with a prosthetic leg… I felt like an idiot. I wasn’t running because I didn’t want to look weird, when in reality I should be running because I’m lucky too have healthy (even when flailing) legs.

So I downloaded a Couch to 5k running app. I’ve run 3 times so far, and each time has been easier than the last. The app has you start off with a 5 min walk, then you run for 60 seconds / walk for 90 seconds. This alternates for about 15-20 mins. Each week it progresses to more running. Next week I see my new Orthopedist about getting orthotics and then I’m going to Marathon Sports to get sneakers. I’m sure the more I run I’ll get over those childhood insecurities, right? If anyone has any tips for a new runner please let me know, I can use the help! – xo JHill


The Designed Office Space

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This afternoon, I’m working at Jennifer’s office. I’m a part-time marketing manager for Jennifer, and full-time aspiring statistician, in case you were wondering. Travel is a large part of my work, including frequent trips between different jobs in Boston. The right workspace depends on the person, but I find quiet and thoughtful environments the most impactful and productive. Finding a quiet (and beautiful) place to sit down can be challenging though. Below are some of my dream workspace inspirations. ~ Kevin

1) Modern and clean: Obviously “The Cool Hunter” (@thecoolhunter) is constantly on the prowl for new and intriguing office spaces. Their wanderlust for interior design is picture focused and diverse. Their slogan, after all, is “Roaming the USA and Globe. So you’re in the know.”

Joint Cafe + Workspace in Bangkok, Thailand via TheCoolHunter.net

 Fold7 Ad Agency Office Space

Maybe it’s the color composition and contrast, but I love the idea how this little design inspires concentration and cleanliness.
Fold7 Ad Agency’s office via TheCoolHunter.net

Mac Desks
Dark tables are always nice. Vadim Sherbakov’s Desk via DeskInspire

2) Eastern and European: Another design inspiration favorite is the British magazine Monocle (@monocle). They preach good style and also borrow design ideas from the east.

 Isolated State via Monocle.com

 No surprise that the Monocle office looks this nice.

via TheDapperDude.com @dappertweets

3) Breakfast and pleasure: Kinfolk is another two-in-one design and lifestyle magazine that breathes fresh ideas into the interior design world. Their focus is on slow living, and their design choices are often minimal and clean. What I like about Kinfolk is that they find ways to combine pleasure, work, and breakfast onto one single table.


Our Most inspiring Marathon Map

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marathon map for boston marathon survivor William White

The Marathon Map we designed for Boston Marathon bombing survivor, Bill White, for his 1k Tribute Run.

Shortly before the 2015 Boston Marathon, The Boston Globe ran a piece about our Marathon Maps and mentioned that an unpersonalized version was available at Boston’s West Elm. A day or two later I got an email from a sales person at West Elm passing on a message that a Mr. William White was interested in a personalized print and would I please contact him.

In 2013 Bill White was enjoying a day at the Boston Marathon with his wife, Mary Jo, and son, Kevin. They were at the finish line when the first bomb went off. They were all injured to different degrees, with Bill’s injury being the gravest – he had to have his right leg amputated above the knee.

In 2014 Bill walked the “Boston Marathon 1k Tribute Walk” with other marathon bombing survivors and he was interested in a personalized print to commemorate it. I was really nervous to talk to Bill about his Marathon Map, I had no idea what to say and how to convey the depth of my sympathy for all that his family has gone though.

As it turns out, Bill and I found that we had quite a few things in common. My son loves playing at Spaulding Hospital’s playground,   which he watched be built as he recovered and we knew a few of the same people. It was lovely getting to know him and hear about his recovery.

Making Marathon Maps for Bill White and his son Kevin (who ran the 2014 Boston Marathon) helped to inspire me to start running again and I hope whenever they look at their Marathon Maps they are reminded of their immense bravery and strength.


Our Marathon Map for Boston Marathon runners in the Boston Globe. Article by Marni Elyse Katz


1968 Mexico City Olympics Design

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Mexico City Olympics 1968 Design

I’ve been researching sports/olympics graphic design as we work on the branding for our Marathon Map Prints. The 1968 Mexico City Olympics branding is my design happy place. The simple, strong logo and icons were applied to everything from stadiums to sun hats, each application totally considered. What a dream project to work on as a young designer.

The 1968 Olympic branding was designed by graphic design icon Lance Wyman. (Visit his website/amazing portfolio).

Be inspired by photos at Graphic Ambient / a great interview with Wyman at Walker Art Center / and more goodness at Design Boom


THE PENTALUM at Boston’s the lawn on D

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Pentalum Luminarium

The Lawn on D has become a vibrant outdoor community space that has been sorely needed in Boston. It is next to the Convention Center on South Boston’s D Street in the Seaport District. We taken our 4 yr old son multiple times to play on the glowing swings, hangout, eat at the food trucks, listen to music and have a beer. This Saturday we went right at opening (thankfully because I heard the line got epically long) to walk through the Pentalum Maze.

lawn on d Pentalum Maze

The Pentalum Maze is one of the Luminaria mazes designed by Alan Parkinson for Architects of Air.  “Each luminarium is a dazzling maze of winding paths and soaring domes where Islamic architecture, Archimedean solids and Gothic cathedrals meld into an inspiring monument to the beauty of light and colour.”

lawn on d Pentalum Maze

Only 4 colors of plastic are used, but it seems like hundreds. It was quite hot inside the maze, but there were volunteers wandering around offering spritzes of water. I didn’t mind, the kids loved the space and I could have sat there soaking in the relaxing ambiance. I love being around/in something that causes so many “Oooos and Aaaahs” of wonder.

Looking forward to July’s “Intrude” at the Lawn on D… giant glowing bunnies!


San Diego Map Prints x 2

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San Diego City Maps
Two of our best friends recently moved to San Diego, a city I’d been to twice but didn’t remember much about. However, if these guys were moving there from “sunny” Boston I knew it was a city worthy of not one City Map but 2.
Introducing our San Diego City Map and San Diego RNR Marathon Print personalized for runners. (You can also personalize the text of our city map, making a unique wedding or engagement gift.)
The first time I went to San Diego was right after high school graduation with my parents and my best friend, Sarah. I remember going to the San Diego Zoo, spending lots of time on the beach, and going to the hotel restaurant where my parents switched Sarah and my cokes with their RUM + cokes as a surprise… and didn’t take them away.
The second time was a overnight layover on our way to Cabo San Lucas. I remember the airport being positioned so that you felt like your plane was crashing into the city on landing. We stayed at a very nice boutique hotel in the gas light district and ate sushi.
We are hoping to return to San Diego this fall and I will go to the beach, eat a California Burrito, and drink some San Diego craft beers. If you have any San Diego recommendations leave a comment! xo JHill

san diego rock n roll marathon poster

San Diego City Map Print


4 san diego craft beers

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san diego craft beers

Who doesn’t need a cold one after running 26.2 miles? Luckily San Diego is home to many fantastic craft breweries. Here are a few.
1. Stone Brewery: multiple locations Closest to the Finish Line: Stone Brewing Tap Room at 795 J St, San Diego, CA 92101
2. Ballast Point: Multiple locations (I had both their Grapefruit Sculpin and Habenero Sculpin last weekend… delicious) Closest to the Finish Line: Ballast Point Tasting Room + Kitchen Restaurant, 2215 India St, San Diego, CA 92101
3. Pizza Port: multiple locations Closest to Finish Line: 1956 Bacon St, San Diego, CA 92107
4. Karl Strauss: multiple locations Closest to Finish Line: 1157 Columbia St, San Diego, CA 92101




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how to make a california burrito

What genius decided to pair the above ingredients, roll them in a tortilla and serve them to the the good people of California? My guess is the west-coast cousin of Pittsburgh’s Primanti Brothers.

I’ve never seen a California Burrito on a menu in Boston, (looks like I’ll be following the above directions), The Thrillest has a round up 12 places to get one in San Diego, with #1 being Nico’s Mexican Food. 

Big fan of the California Burrito? You may need one of these from Cali-Burrito.
CAlifornia Burrito hat