Inside Style with Oh, I Design

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Welcome to our newest design series, Inside Style! We’ll be partnering with some of our favorite interior designers and all-around stylish humans to get their expert-advice on styling your home. 

Boston-based interior designer and blogger Jessica Klein is not only incredibly stylish and talented, she’s one of the nicest ladies in this city. From her unique eye for authentic yet simplified design to her picture-perfect blog Oh, I Design (and adorable snaps of her dog Bella), Klein brings a clean and playful palette to everything she touches. Klein studied interior design at the Oklahoma State University and jumped into running her own design business right from graduation. When she’s not creating the perfect home for her clients, Klein also styles events and photoshoots.

JHill Design | Blog | Oh, I Design

We reached out to Klein for her best tips and tricks for styling her JHill Design Boston print.

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Boston Guide: St. Patrick’s Day 2016

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St. Patrick’s Day in Boston might as well be a public holiday. Particularly in the Southie neighborhood, where the JHill studio is located. The city’s parade comes makes its way the entire neighborhood, and celebrating goes on well  after the spectacle wraps. Whether you’ll be braving the crowds this year or not, check-out our guide to this year’s holiday…

EAT Authentic: Eat some St. Patrick’s day classics at Shenannigans, right in the heart of the parade. Known for their Irish specials like bangers, mash, beans and shepherd’s pie, they also off Guinness on draft 365 days a year. Do yourself a favor and get there before noon to avoid insane crowds (and green-beer drinkers).

SEE a Little History: Check out some of Southie’s Irish heritage at St. Augustine’s Cemetery, Boston’s first Catholic graveyard. A little off the parade’s route, this spot serves as a historical monument and a nice break from the crowds.

LISTEN to Live Irish Tunes: The Beehive‘s 9th annual St. Patrick’s Day party includes speciality drinks and traditional fare, but the main highlight has to be Irish-Singer Kate McD’s performance.

WALK the Irish Heritage Trail: Available all-year long, but extra special on Ireland’s biggest holiday. With over 20 sites spanning three miles, you’ll learn the history of some well-known monuments and many hidden gems.


Ireland Map Print


Travel Cocktail: Singapore Sling

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Last month of Singapore in our 2016 calendar. The pattern was inspired by architectural lines and purple lights. If I was vacationing in the Lion City, I would definitely need a few Singapore Slings just to get through the humidity. But till I’m Singapore-bound, I will make the classic cocktail in my Boston kitchen.

The Singapore Sling was created by a Hainanese bartender in the early 1900’s at the Raffles Hotel in Singapore. It has since gone through many variations, but at it’s heart it is Gin + Pineapple + Cherry Brandy.




Travel Tips: Surviving Long-Haul Flights

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how to survive a long flight

Obviously we’re big fans of far away places and all their delights. That said, getting to said places can be really hard on our bodies. Check out our tips for surviving, and dare we say enjoying, long-haul flights…

R U NOT ENTERTAINED?! In-flight entertainment in 2016 is pretty wonderful, but don’t rely on it to keep you occupied for over ten hours. Come prepared: download any movies, books, games, etc. the night before and charge all your devices. You may even want to bring battery backup.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Staying hydrated on any flight is vital, but especially for those over six hours. Fill an insulated bottle after security, and then don’t be afraid to ask (and ask, and ask) for more from the stewardesses. Don’t forget about your skin either! We love this hydration spray from Aesop, or the Jasmine Garden by May Lindstrom.

Stagger your booze + avoid salty foods. If you’re going to drink on a plane, try and wait until you’ve been aboard and hydrating for a couple of hours, or about to go sleep. Alcohol is a diuretic and will make your skin feel very tight, among other side effects. As great as comfort food is on a plane, all that salt will undo your hydrating.

Breathe, stretch, shake, let it go. A no brainer. To avoid aches and pains once you land, make sure to walk around every couple of hours and stretch in your seat.

Traveling internationally? Fill out customs forms first thing. Don’t be that guy filling out forms in line, slowing everyone else down. Take 5 minutes once the seat belt sign is off and collect all the customs forms you’ll need for your arrival, and spare yourself the stress and drama. And bring your own pencil.

Minimize your carry-ons. The more carry-ons you have, the less space you’ll have to stretch.

Ambien is your friend. If you don’t sleep easily on planes, procure a sleep aid before your trip – but do make sure to try it out at home first. Mood-altering medication, like most sleep aids, work differently in different altitudes so at least make sure the medicine you bring won’t upset you on the ground.

Isolation for the introvert. When I fly I like to have an eye mask, ear plugs AND noise canceling headphones. It’s my own way of creating the private space that has been sucked away from me.

What’re we missing? Tweet and tell us your best tricks for surviving long-haul flights!


Four Style Tips for Conquering the Big Empty Wall

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**Below is a guest post by the lovely Becca Grady of Zillow. Thank you so much for sharing these pro-tips with us.

Zillow | JHill Design | Blog

JHill Design United States Wall Decal. Pictured: Jenn’s son, Charley!

While designing a new space or redecorating an old one can be energizing and fun, it can also be overwhelming. There are many different options to experiment with and endless possibilities for tailoring a home to your personal style and taste. Although some people are natural-born designers, others may feel daunted by the design challenge. For those who need some inspiration, here are a few ideas for tackling the big blank wall.

Statement Artwork

Zillow | JHill Design | Blog

Source: David Scott on Zillow Digs®

Choose large statement pieces to complement the room. Hanging one to three pieces of statement art will draw attention to the wall and add to the existing design of the room. Find pieces that complement the color palette, matching rugs, throw pillows and other design elements. Consider hanging pieces that add texture, incorporate bold colors or have a unique framing.

Gallery Wall

Zillow | JHill Design | Blog

JHill Design City Prints 

Mixing and matching art, photos and items to create a unique gallery wall is another way to fill the wall. The first step in creating the perfect gallery wall is to determine what style and feel you are looking to achieve. Do you want the wall to be neutral or brightly colored? Modern or vintage-inspired? Symmetrical or free-flowing?

Once you have decided the direction, you can begin collecting art, photos and prints. Keep an eye out for bargain frames and collect eclectic items that will complement your wall display – such as clocks, letters, symbols or mirrors. After you’ve mapped out the desired display, begin assembling and watch the wall come to life.

Floating Shelves

Zillow | JHill Design | Blog

Source: inkprintart on Zillow Digs®

Add floating shelves to create a visually interesting and modern wall display. You can get creative by filling the space with a collection of items including books, art print, candles and figurines. A focal wall using display shelves allows for easy rearranging, ensuring that displays will stay fresh and interesting through the years.

Wall Coverings

Zillow | JHill Design | Blog
Source: Axis Mundi Design on Zillow Digs®

You can also transform your big empty wall using wallpaper. Select wallpaper with texture to add visual interest or choose a complementary color to add a vibrant pop. With an assortment to choose from –patterns to textures – wallpaper allows you the freedom to artfully design a room. Wallpaper is a quick and easy way to add bold detail and instantly transform a room.

Whether you’ve just moved into a new home or are trying to spice up a current space, don’t let the blank wall leave you stumped. Try using these tips to bring a fresh design to your space.